SR1QM Intel Core i7-4790S 3.20GHz Quad-Core CPU Processor LGA1150


The 4th generation of Intel CPUs, commonly known as “Haswell,” was introduced to the market in 2013. The Haswell architecture brought several notable improvements and innovations compared to its predecessor, the Ivy Bridge generation. In terms of performance, Haswell CPUs offered a 5% to 15% improvement in processing performance and up to twice the performance in integrated graphics compared to the previous generation. This was achieved through various architectural enhancements, including an improved branch predictor, additional out-of-order resources, and new FMA3 and AVX2 instructions for improved floating-point performance.

Moreover, Haswell CPUs were recognized for their enhanced power efficiency, which was particularly beneficial for mobile and portable devices. The Haswell line-up introduced new power states that allowed the processor to reduce its power consumption during periods of inactivity. This was complemented by an integrated voltage regulator, which facilitated dynamic voltage and frequency scaling. Furthermore, the Haswell architecture provided a robust platform for a variety of computing needs, featuring SKUs (stock keeping units) that ranged from powerful desktop processors to efficient chips for ultrabooks and tablets, and it was utilized across various segments, from consumer devices to enterprise solutions. This generation of CPUs solidified Intel’s commitment to evolving computing capabilities and energy efficiency.

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About this Intel CPU:

This Intel CPU has been tested and pulled from working systems. Some scratches and scrapes may be present on the heat spreader, but these cosmetic imperfections do not affect functionality. We make every effort to remove all thermal paste; however, some residue may still remain.

Please ensure compatibility between your motherboard and this processor before purchasing.

Common compatibility errors can lead to a non-functional product after installation.

When installing processors, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Even minor damage to the receiving pins on Intel motherboards during or before installation can result in nonfunctional or improperly functioning processors or systems.

R2V3: C4F4

Please note that we do not provide ongoing technical support.


Technical Specifications for SR1QM

Processor – Package Model: i7-4790S Socket Type: LGA 1150
Brand Intel
Part No. SR1QM
Processor Type Desktop
Series Core i7 Desktop
Core Model Type/ProcNo. i7-4790S
Processor Code Name Haswell
Core Stepping C0
Manufacturing Technology 22 nm
# of Cores 4
# of Threads 8
Clock Speed 3.20 GHz
L3 Cache Size 8 MB
Front Side Bus / QuickPath Interconnect 5.00 GT/s
Thermal Power 65 Watts
CPU Socket Type LGA 1150

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

1 MB


LGA 1151


6 MB


2.70 GHz




Core i5 7th Gen.








Intel Core i5-7500T


2400 MHz



Condition Used
Notes Tested and pulled from working systems. Some scratches and scrapes may be present on the heat spreader that do not affect functionality.