JSE infinite slope .6 bookshelf speakers (Pair)


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These are simply beautiful A rare and legendary “monitor” speaker, the JSE-John Sollecito Engineering- Model .6 (“point 6”) loudspeaker with “infinite slope” crossover technology. This was groundbreaking crossover technology using high-quality parts there and later (and still) incorporated in Joseph Audio speakers, which are well-regarded in the high-end world and carried a commeasuring price-tag! Exceptional quality SEAS tweeters and 8″ woofers, for unparalleled clarity and neutrality and impactful low-end.

These speakers are fully tested and sound wonderful, there is some cosmetic damage to the dust cover of the speakers woofer as you can see in the photos.

These are available for LOCAL PICKUP at our store ONLY.


R2V3 F1C3

Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in


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