Hard Disk Drives

Mechanical Hard Drives

Our Hard Drives are wiped and tested, we use the NIST 800-88 Rev. 1 standard when we wipe and sanitize our drives before sale.
During this process our drives are Tested for errors and Graded*(1) for performance and remaining life, all drives we sell are Grade A unless otherwise stated.

When you receive your hard drive, the drive will be in a RAW or factory new state and will need to be formatted by your system before use.

Device Grading:
During the erasure process, our drivers are tested for errors and graded based on performance, device SMART data, and overall usage.
Grade A:
+Overall drive health is above 80%
+No reallocated or pending sectors
+Power-on hours are under 50k hours
Grade B:
+Overall drive health is above 70%
+Under 20 reallocated/pending sectors
(Reallocated sector count is shown on the drive label as “Grown Defects”)
+Power-on hours are under 50k hours

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Showing all 2 results