Mixed 2.5" 320GB HDD 5400RPM SATA Lot of 10, Mixed Brand/Model/Part# ** Tested


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For sale is:  Western Digital 320GB HDD 5400RPM SATA Lot of 10, Mixed Model/Part Numbers

All Drives are Grade A tested. 

Our Hard Drives are wiped and tested, we use the NIST 800-88 Rev. 1 standard when we wipe and sanitize our drives before sale.

During this process our drives are Tested for errors and Graded*(1) for performance and remaining life, all drives we sell are Grade A unless otherwise stated.

When you receive your hard drive, the drive will be in a RAW or factory new state and will need to be formatted by your system before use.

Device Grading:

During the erasure process, our drivers are tested for errors and graded based on performance, device SMART data, and overall usage.

Grade A:

+Overall drive health is above 80%

+No reallocated or pending sectors

+Power-on hours are under 50k hours

Grade B:

+Overall drive health is above 70%

+Under 20 reallocated/pending sectors

(Reallocated sector count is shown on the drive label as “Grown Defects”)
+Power-on hours are under 50k hours

R2 Ready for : Resale

R2V3 : C6F4


We only ship internationally using the OregonRecycles Global Shipping program.  Otherwise, we ship to the continental US only.  Items will be shipped within one business day of completed payment unless otherwise noted.

We offer local pickup on all our items for sale. Our office is located in NW Industrial Portland, and we are open from 9AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday for pickup, excluding holidays.


We accept payment through Ebay’s Managed Payment Program. If payment is not received within 72 hours, We will relist this item. Unpaid Item Assistant is on.

Product Return Policy

As an R2 2013 compliant recycler, we strive to ensure that your product is as described.

If your item does not meet with its description, and/or the product is non-functional (unless described as non-functional, or “R2/Ready for Repair”) and/or is not as described, please contact us via OregonRecycles, so that we can initiate our return plan. 

We do not initiate or accept returns past 30 calendar days of item receipt. 

As per OregonRecycles policy, we do not accept returns in the event of buyers remorse or “changes of mind”.

We want you to enjoy your transaction. 

So that we can provide the best possible service, all returns are evaluated per OregonRecycless “Condition of returned items policy” to ensure compliance against the OregonRecycles “Abusive Buyer Policy”. 

This helps us conform with both the OregonRecycles Money Back Policy as well as ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

If you have questions regarding your received product please contact us right away, so that we can help you. 



We are an R2 2013 certified facility. All items are tested for functionality as per R2 2013 standard and listed as. 

R2/Ready for Reuse,

R2/Ready for Resale,

or R2/Ready for Repair as applicable.

R2 Ready for Resale Laptop Battery Testing.
All Laptops sold meet the R2 2013 R2 Ready for Resale testing standards, including battery life (if battery is included) tested to a 
Minimum 40 minutes discharge.

We use the R2v3 R2 Equipment Categorization (REC) for item grading and to assign the cosmetic, functional, and data sanitization status to Collectible and Specialty Electronics, and Functional Products.

Cosmetic Description Grades are 

C2 Used Poor ? Heavy use and age 

C2 Used Poor ? Heavy use and age 

C3 Used Fair (Moderate use and age)

C4 Used Good  

C5 Used Very Good 

C6 Used Excellent 

C7 Certified Pre-Owned (Seller or Manufacturer Refurbished)

 C8 Unused (New, out of box, unused equipment removed from original packaging with no signs of wear or alteration 


C9 New Open Box

Functionality Description 

Collectible or Specialty Equipment 

  ? Collectibles are rare, vintage, and no longer manufactured or supported by the OEM 

? Specialty equipment are rare and specialized equipment not generally available in retail ? May have broken or missing parts 


F2 – Key Functions Working 

? No corrosion 

? No missing parts 

? Part numbers and serial numbers verified accurate 

? A subset of the primary functions of the device that an ordinary user of the device expects to function are verified working through manual or software tests 

? Software may not be loaded or configured 

? Hardware required for key functions to be tested may have been removed after testing (e.g. F3  

Hard Drive) 

? May be missing components or parts not essential to key functions 

? Secondary functions may not be tested or working 

? May not include Focus Materials (e.g. Battery) that are not working or not tested 

? All missing components or parts will be listed for each item 

Hardware Functional (Appendix C ? Test and Repair)  

? All hardware is tested and verified working through manual or software tests 


? No missing or damaged components or parts 

? Software not loaded or configured 

? No hardware defects  

? All functions tested and verified working through software tests 

? Loaded and configured with legally licensed software for full operations  

Like New 

? Software test results are available 

? No hardware or software defects 

  ? All functions tested and verified working through software tests 

? Repaired with OEM original parts 

? Loaded and configured with original manufacturer?s legally licensed software for full operation 


? Meets OEM specifications for full original functionality 

? Software test results are available 

? Zero defects

More information about these testing standards that we use can be found on the SERI website. 

Please message us with any questions or concerns you may have before bidding or buying. 

Be aware that our hours of operation are 9:00 AM-4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday. US Holidays may affect these hours.  

Messages and offers received over the weekend will not be answered until Monday or the next day of business.

Good luck and thanks for looking. 

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Weight 0.007 lbs
Condition Used
Notes Erased, tested, and working. No reallocated sectors. Drives are raw and need to be formatted before use. These are used drives so some cosmetic wear and tear may be present. R2/Ready for Resale.
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