Kenwood R-1000 Vintage Communications Receiver Ham Radio 200KHz-30MHz


The Kenwood R-1000 is a well-regarded shortwave communications receiver that was popular among radio enthusiasts and ham radio operators. It was introduced in the late 1970s and continued to be a favorite for several years due to its reliable performance and robust feature set.

Here are some key specifications and features of the Kenwood R-1000:

  • Frequency Range: The R-1000 covers a wide frequency range, typically from 200 kHz to 30 MHz, spanning over several bands, which allows it to receive a broad array of signals, including AM, FM, and SSB (Single Side Band) transmissions.
  • Modes: The receiver supports various modes, including AM, USB (Upper Side Band), LSB (Lower Side Band), and CW (Continuous Wave), making it versatile for different types of communications.
  • Memory Channels: The R-1000 provides several memory channels that allow users to store and quickly recall their favorite frequencies, which is particularly useful for efficiently navigating through the numerous available stations and signals.
  • Build and Design: The R-1000 features a solid build with a straightforward and user-friendly front panel, offering various knobs and buttons for tuning, mode selection, and volume control. The display is clear and easy to read, which aids in precise tuning and frequency management.
  • Additional Features: The Kenwood R-1000 is equipped with features like a noise blanker, RF attenuator, and a preamplifier to enhance its receiving capabilities under various conditions. It also provides a fine-tuning control that enables precise adjustment of the received frequency, especially useful in SSB and CW modes.

The Kenwood R-1000 is often praised for its durability, ease of use, and solid performance, making it a favored choice among both novice and experienced radio hobbyists. Even decades after its release, it remains a popular model on the used market, appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts for its reliability and straightforward operation.

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This unit has been power on tested, the speaker works, I was able to get some signal out of it. The AF Gain button crackles a little when moved, I would presume the peds should be cleaned. All other buttons were tested and do, do something.
We did not fully test this as we do not have a mic for transmission or an active HAM license.
Overall this is a super nice radio in great condition, very clean.
The item you are buying is the item pictured.

It comes with the pictured power cable.

The Physical condition is very nice.

Key functions , Powers on, Receives audio, speaker works.

R2V3: C4F1

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