Nokia C2 Tennen – 32GB – Steel (Cricket) (Single SIM)


Tested for Key Functions – Fully Functional NO CHARGER

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About This Item

Physical Description:
Used, Tested and Working.
in good cosmetic shape, some minor scuffs on the display and some scuffs on the back.


Test Results:

  • FMI/FRP Lock = OFF
  • ESN/IMEI Status = Good
  • Battery Health = 90%
  • Functionality Results = Fully Functional


R2V3 : C3 – F3

This mobile device is used. It has been fully tested for key functions. It does show the noted signs of wear and tear. Buyer, examine photos carefully.

All items in the listed lots are of similar quality.

Mobile devices have been checked for ESN blocks, Blacklist, and Carrier Locks and mobile device management.

Mobile devices have been securely wiped of data and reset to factory conditions.

In the case of iPhones, apple installs the most recent version of iOS that will function on the device, we cannot offer devices with factory-shipped versions of iOS.

We do not provide ongoing technical support.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in